Flamenco Artworks wishes you a Merry Christmas, the flamenco way!

A Merry Christmas to you all in the traditional flamenco spirit. Watch how it’s done in this video by flamenco group ‘Triana Pura’

This flamenco group, called ‘Triana Pura’, became famous in Spain with their hitsong ‘Probe Miguel‘. They are all elderly amateur singers aged from 66 to 78 years old and from a flamenco neighbourhood in Seville called ‘Triana’. 

Flamenco sing-along

‘Triana Pura’ aims to get people of all ages to move their feet and enjoy themselves with folkloric and flamenco songs, like in the traditional zambomba: a Christmas party where friends, family and neighbours gather around a fire and sing together, accompanied by guitars, tambourines and the drum-like instrument called ‘zambomba’.

‘Triana Pura’ is singing villancicos, traditional Spanish Christmas songs, that are transformed into a festive flamenco style called rumba. With grandma being the life of the party, egging on the rest of the troupe to sing and dance, the flamenco Christmas party is on. So come on and sing along with them!

‘Villancicos por tangos de Esperanza la del Maera’
-from the 1999 disc ‘Triana Pura – De Triana a Belén’.


Fuera la pena

Viva la alegría
Porque esta noche ha parido Maria/

Ha nacido el Mesías

Away with the pain
Long live the joy
Because tonight Maria gave birth/
Because tonight the Messiah was born

Flamenco Artworks© wishes all of you 

A Merry Christmas 

Feliz Navidad

Gelukkig Kerstfeest

Schöne Weihnachten

Joyeux Noël

Buon Natale

(add your language if you feel left out 😉 )


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