What is your question for flamenco guitarist Tino van der Sman going to be?

Ever had the chance to ask a personal question to a superb flamenco guitarist? Well…here’s your chance! – reporting from Seville, ES.

Next week I will be interviewing Tino van der Sman, a well known flamenco guitarist in Spain and a fellow Dutchman. Send me your question for Tino and I will ask him for you.

Impertinent curiosity 

Guitarist Tino is a very successful solo performer and accompanying artist in the flamenco world of both Spain and on the international scene. I have been a huge fan of Tino’s work since I heard him play fourteen years ago in Seville. Being in Seville currently, I am now seizing the opportunity to interview him and am especially curious myself what guitarists and other fans would ask Tino when given the opportunity.

Tino created his own body of work that comprises three cd’s with compositions of his own, and with collaboration from singers like Miguel Poveda, Rocío Marquez and Jerome Segura and guitarist Gerardo Nuñez.

Tino’s latest cd titled ‘Curioso Impertinente’ is referring to the romantic travellers who studied Spain and its culture in the 19th century and were described as  ‘impertinently curious persons’. It is the way Tino himself still feels about being a flamenco artist in Spain, prying into flamenco culture with an insatiable hunger for more. So why not feel free to ask him some questions yourself, I would say.

Submit your questions now through e-mail, Flamenco Artworks Facebook or leave a comment below…



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  1. Philip Sangster says:

    Hey Tino! Im glad of this opportunity. (Thanks Detmar) my question relates to the practical side of sound production. Are there two schools of players e.g . The players of a higher bridge height with big nails, and those with low action less nail? Taking Moraito as an example who didn’t play lightning fast picado runs but had big nails and powerful arpeggios etc.

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    1. Hannet Engel says:

      Hey Philip,
      Thank you very much for your question! Very interesting. I have asked the maestro and will publish the interview this weekend. So you can read what he has to say about it then. Don’t forget to follow Flamenco Artworks with the follow button below or on Facebook, so I can keep you posted 🙂


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