Flamenco in the streets

In Sevilla flamenco can literally be found in the streets. Here, I can step out of my house and find guitarists playing bulerías on a terrace or I can join an improvised flamenco party in one of the antique little bars. -reporting from Sevilla, Spain A flamenco fiesta in bar ‘La Habanilla’, Sevilla. That’s me in the…

Flamenco entertainment- LIVE from Seville, Spain

Flamenco painter Patricio Hidalgo took me for a fantastic flamenco night in the Spanish city of Seville in a place where he painted the stage design and where flamenco history is still very tangible. Read on to join me in my magical encounters with flamenco. One of the greatest things of Seville is the omnipresence of flamenco. Different…

Flamenco Artworks Weekly Inspiration: Carmen on fire

Carmen Amaya is dancing in alegrías style (por alegrías) in the Mexican movie ‘Música en la noche’ from 1958. As you can see, Carmen set a new standard for both female and male dancers with her furious footwork. Carmen is wearing an outfit called ‘traje de corto’ that was traditionally men’s wear. Although there were other female flamenco dancers…


REVIEW A ‘muse’ is what the ancient Greeks called the feminine deities that inspired artists. And they have been generous with their gift of inspiration in the case of Musa, a show by María Marín and Irene Álvarez that combines several of the arts with the classical Spanish guitar and flamenco dance in the lead.

Salvador Dalí was a flamenco action painter.

Spanish artist Salvador Dalí was famous for his surrealistic works of art, but did you know he also took a shot at flamenco action painting? Original film footage lets us join the party.