by: Hannet Engel

FlamencoArtworks© is designed like a colourful exhibition with works of art, photographs, vintage film footage and fun facts about flamenco, art and its history.
For example, did you know Dalí and Picasso were big flamenco fans? Or that the first woman ever filmed was a flamenco dancer?

About the author I am both an art historian and flamenco dancer, so for me magic happens when I combine my two great passions: ‘flamenco’ and ‘art’. In the Dutch magazine ‘Mundo Flamenco’ I get to publish my background articles that mostly explain about history of flamenco dance, iconic flamenco artists and flamenco styles as well as interviews with contemporary flamenco artists. On this blog I will be focusing even more on the visual arts to illustrate the rich history of flamenco inside and outside of Spain.

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Enjoy the magic with me!


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