New Year, New Flamenco, New Art.

To all you flamenco, art, vintage film, photo or history lovers: 2018 might be your lucky year. If you follow Flamenco Artworks, that is. 

Cover image: ‘Bailaora’ by Patricio Hidalgo © 2014

Flamenco Artworks will be starting off the new year interviewing flamenco action painter Patricio Hidalgo …

Patricio Hidalgo Morán
Photo © Patricio Hidalgo Morán

…and flamenco dancers Úrsula and Tamara López.

Photo © Úrsula and Tamara López
Photo © Úrsula and Tamara López

Curious what else Flamenco Artworks has in store for you in 2018?

Sign up now and I’ll keep you posted! Or follow Flamenco Artworks on Facebook and WordPress.

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